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99designs and similar design crowdsourcing

For getting a professional quality website, I don’t recommend bidding services such as 99designs. It may work for some, but often it doesn’t work, so it’s basically gambling.

Here’s what one of my friends said after she tried to get a logo design: “99designs can be a pain for a number of reasons and I do not imagine using it again anytime soon. The low price logo, for instance, has a high built-in cost, both in time and in the frustration dealing with designers who are not original, so one must constantly be vigilant about appropriation of intellectual property and copyright issues (this due, I expect, to the need to participate in many contests to make any money)… Most designers there are not good (I assume that’s because those who are good don’t need to participate in contests like that)… In addition, most designers do not understand the meaning of one’s brand (partly due to intercultural issues), so one has to spend a considerable amount of time directing the process.”

99designs can work for small one-off jobs, but I don’t recommend it for website design. There are many moving parts to building a website and a lot of expertise involved. Most importantly, at 99designs you work with random people whom you don’t know, and the process is very impersonal. Even if they build a website for you, who will help you afterwards? You will need to spend more time and money looking for yet another web person.

Bottom line: For a successful, cost-effective dental website you need to have a close relationship with a dedicated designer, who will help you with all kinds of advice and who will stay around and help you maintain your website going forward.