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HTML-Only Websites, Website Exports, and Why You Should Care

A question came up about  HTML-only websites and why they are inconvenient for dentists.

A static HTML website doesn’t have a friendly editing platform. Whenever you want to make even the simplest content edits, such as changing “implant” to “implants,” you will have to get HTML editing software and set it up on your computer, go to your web server and find the appropriate file, download the file from the server, open the file in the editor, read through multiple lines of complex code to find the place you want to edit, make and save your edits, upload the file back on the server, and test your website. Each time you do that, you risk accidentally erasing some important code and breaking your website.

In other words, whenever you want to make simple changes on an HTML-only website, you will have to go through the lengthy and sometimes risky process of editing the code yourself, or pay a web designer to do it. Making significant changes will be even more inefficient and extremely difficult to implement.

If you want ability to easily and quickly update your website on your own at any time, it is recommended that you have your website built on an CMS (content management system) – a friendly editing platform, such as WordPress, that makes content updates easy and efficient for laypeople. You can simply log in and edit your website as if you would a Word document. You or your staff can easily do it without having to code HTML or hiring a web designer for every little content edit.

If your website is built on a proprietary platform (a platform that’s owned and hosted by a web company), you may enjoy the benefits of easy content editing only as long as your website stays on that platform. You need to be aware that if you decide to leave the web company, they may export your website for you to keep, but the exported website will be static HTML-only and will lose the easy content editing functionality, and you will have to pay a web designer or edit the code yourself every time you want to make a small content change, and larger updates will be very difficult and costly to implement. Keeping an exported HTML-only website will, in the long term, cause hassle and inconvenience whenever you want to update the site.

WordPress is the industry standard for professional websites because it’s a company-independent platform which is popular among web designers*. Whenever you go to another web designer, your website never has to leave the WordPress platform and you never lose your easy editing capability.


“50-60% is WordPress’ share of the global CMS market – making it the most popular CMS of them all.”