Articles by Nina Litovsky

Using illustrations for your website

Generally, I think that stock photos never benefit your dental website. Many dental websites have stock photos of smiling people that look impersonal, generic, and do not represent the practice. On your website, you should always use custom photos of your business or dental practice.

However,  besides off-the-shelf photos, stock photo websites sell something else which is worth exploring: illustrations. Sometimes, you may not have a good custom photo to add to the front page of your site, or you may want to make your front page more interesting, add some “spark” to it. Illustrations add a human, hand-made touch to your site.

On a custom website, an illustration can work extremely well. If used tastefully and designed well, a custom illustration may greatly enhance your marketing message and make your website memorable. Not many small business or dental websites use them, so your website will stand out.

It can be a humorous illustration of your office, a drawing of the outside of your building, or something that highlights your connection to your local community, such as an illustration of your neighborhood, city, local landmark, or even your local animal wildlife. Most likely, your stock illustration will need to be modified by a designer to fit your needs, but customizing an off-the-shelf illustration is cheaper than commissioning an artist to do one from scratch.

Here are some examples of illustrations being used on business websites:

Samples of website illustrations