Articles by Nina Litovsky

What Makes a Good Medical or Dental Website

Make your website good, so it stands out among many other websites that are bad and ugly. Here are some key elements of a good website:


Your website should look well and function properly on desktop and mobile devices.


Your website should be fast. Website speed is a major SEO factor. Also, if your website loads slowly, people will leave. Two primary factors that affect website performance are hosting and code quality. You need good hosting with fast servers. For WordPress websites I recommend WP Engine because they offer the best website speed. Siteground hosting may be another decent option.

Also, your website should have clean code. One of the downsides of various drag/drop website builders or websites that use generic stock templates is that they suffer from layers and layers of convoluted bloated code, which severely reduces performance and has other negative effects. In order for your website to have clean code, it should be programmed by a professional web designer who knows how to write clean code, and it should be custom-designed specifically for your needs so it includes only the features you need and nothing extra.

Market Analysis

Prior to designing the site you should perform a thorough analysis of your market and competition, so you know how to plan your website design, layout, images and content in a way that will help you appeal to your target patients and differentiate yourself from other doctors in your area.

Value Proposition

You should include anything that will highlight your value and skills: written and video testimonials, before/after photos, your value proposition (a “What Makes Us Different” page), a page describing your technology, and anything else that makes you unique and valuable.


Your website architecture and navigation should be intuitive and easy to use. Nothing should be broken, all features should function properly and should be easy to use.

Prominent Contact Information

You should have your phone number and address displayed prominently on every page, so people can contact you easily without having to search for your contact information.

Original Content

Your content should be original and written uniquely by you (or for you). Avoid stock content that’s used on other websites – it’s ineffective and also bad for SEO.

Usable Content

You content should be written in a clear language that’s easily understood by people. Write in the same way you would explain it to a patient. There should be a good balance between too much and too little content. Don’t be too wordy, but make sure to explain the symptoms, reasons, benefits, process for each procedure. Use visual design to help make your content more pleasant to read. When content is readable (rather than being a long, cluttered wall of text), people understand it better and trust you more.

Pleasing Design

People nowadays expect websites to look clean, modern, and pleasing. If your website looks dated and clunky, it may turn people off even when your content is good. However, sleek modern templates are not the solution, either, because they look too generic and don’t present you in a unique, authentic way. You need a website that looks clean and professional but that’s also custom-suited to your particular brand and needs.

These are just some of the elements that make a good website, but there are many more. Also, while a solid website is the first necessary step to good SEO, sometimes you also need to optimize your other online properties in order to rank highly in Google. Such off-site SEO includes getting quality links from other websites to yours, promoting your website and content online and offline, and making sure that your online listings have consistent practice name and contact information.