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Relevant and shareable content for dental websites

We all hear that duplicate content is a no-no for SEO – which is correct. Content should be uniquely written. But is ANY unique content effective?

Most “unique” content is more of the same

Your content creation should be personally driven by you. Even if you hire a third-party marketing company that writes unique verbiage which it not outright duplicate, it may still be ineffective, because it comes from a third party that doesn’t know the unique needs of your particular office and patients. The marketing people who will write your content probably don’t live in your neighborhood, don’t work with your employees, and don’t know your patients. You do.

A third-party company will write bland, generic content that is the same as everywhere else. Their actual copy might be unique, but the overall content is pretty much the same. Unique content for its own sake is not as effective if your competitors are doing the same.

Write like a local

You need to write not just unique but local content. Don’t just include your city and state, but actually write local content in your blog posts and on other pages of your site (service pages, About, etc). Local content is truly unique and genuine. It will rank well, and people will be more interested in reading it.

Only you, being local, know how to make your content relevant to your patients and your local community. When you are actually involved in your local community, it will be simple to write local content. Some examples of such content may be: recent events at your practice, answers to some questions patients ask, local events and activities going on in your city and surrounding cities, your commentary on some dental products in your local stores, anything else going on in your local life that is related to your services.

Dental storytelling

Some marketing gurus tell that your content should tell stories. “Write a story” – but what does it mean? Place your services in actual context. One example can be creating a scenario: problem and solution. Your patient had a broken tooth and her daughter’s wedding was coming up. Describe how you helped her, then describe how she could happily go to the wedding and smile for the camera, possibly include her smiling photo from the wedding. This is just one example – any dentist can come up with many similar stories about his or her patients.

Engaging and shareable content

It’s important that people actually read your content and share it. You want to make your content interesting and easily readable. Write in layman’s terms. Add understandable and shareable visuals. Great visual options are not just limited to photos (especially not stock photos of smiling people – nobody shares these). Try infographics, videos, polls, charts. You and your website consultant can decide what visuals are appropriate for your content. Generally, if your patients are young or middle-aged, they are probably tech-savvy (and tech-savvy population will only be growing in the future), so interactivity and other tech-enhanced content is a great way to impress many people and to gain their attention. It’s not about doing flashy features for their own sake. Interactivity and visuals should be used as an enhancement to your content.