Articles by Nina Litovsky

Social media for your dental or medical practice

We recommend that you open and maintain at least three social media accounts for your practice: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. At every opportunity, actively ask your patients to “Like” or “Follow” your social media accounts. With social media, your practice gains visibility not only to those who are connected directly to your social media account, but also to everyone connected to them as well.

Why Do I Need Social Media for My Practice?

There are three main benefits of social media:

Improved Search Engine Rank and Position

Imagine your Facebook account, your Twitter feed, and your YouTube channel are all active and populated, say, once a month with new content. Now, instead of having just your website link show up once in a Google search, your practice may have three or four positions in the search results! In addition, YouTube is not just a social media outlet but also a search engine, so having a YouTube presence will automatically grant you visibility in the video search.

Advertising on Social Media

You can build ads on most social media sites. Facebook advertising in particular is a popular and affordable way to promote dental services to the other Facebook users in and around your dental or medical practice.

Communicating with Your Patients

Imagine your office just gets a last-minute appointment cancellation from a patient. If you have Facebook or Twitter followers, you can give them a quick note to call if they would like to take that opening! Social media is an incredibly efficient way to reach out to your audience, share your blog posts and educate them on health topics, and to announce your last-minute openings, office news and events, and special deals.