Articles by Nina Litovsky

Web design and marketing consulting model

When it comes to marketing and web design, there are three types of customer experiences:

A “Wallmart” experience: you work with a large agency which is basically a “mill” where you are treated as just another customer in the company’s mass-production model. You get a pretty much a low-end, one-size-fits-all solution with little customization. You don’t get much personal attention and typically receive a generic template design and a bundled product. If you want a more customized and personalized service, you have to pay extra – sometimes much extra.

A Freelancer Experience: you work with a sole designer typically hired through a freelance website. A pitfall here is that freelance sole proprietorships are often short-lived: it’s not long before the designer abandons his or her business and finds full-time employment. Sometimes freelancers run their business on the side while being employed elsewhere. All this means that you may not get quality service or future support when you need it. Also, freelancers often underbid to get business, and then fail to perform.

A Boutique Firm Experience: you work with a small firm offering a la carte service, or you work with a couple of small firms that each specialize in one area and team up to deliver a fully customized, comprehensive solution. Thus you get a dedicated consultant or a team of consultants who are understanding, accommodating, and trustworthy, and who can work with as much or as little as you need to get the job done. This way, you get concierge service which doesn’t necessarily cost more. In fact, the consulting model can be much more efficient and cost-effective than the previous two models.

Work on demand

The concierge model implies that the consultant works in your best interest and develops custom services that are suited to your particular needs. Such model provides a more personalized service compared to the standardized one-size-fits-all model offered by bigger companies with a larger customer volume. And it is more cost-effective because you get better quality for your money, you can better control your costs, and you only pay for the services you need – and only for as long as you need them.