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About Nina Interactive

Nina Litovsky, Principal

Nina Litovsky, Web Designer & Principal of Nina Interactive.

Nina graduated summa cum laude with BFA in art and graphic design from Simmons College. She worked as a corporate graphic designer and web developer for several years before she started her own web design firm Nina Interactive. In addition to running a business, Nina is a homeschooling mother and an avid mixed martial artist. She lives with her husband and children in Sarasota, Florida. Check out Nina’s blog where she gives web design advice for doctors, dentists, and small business owners. And, feel free to follow Nina on Dentaltown and to message her on Linkedin.

Our Team

Nina Interactive started as a one-person freelance shop, but over time it has evolved into a lean cross-disciplinary team of designers and web developers. Nina continues to be the main representative of the firm and works with clients directly to ensure that each client receives personalized treatment and concierge service. Nina is also the lead designer and project manager. The team works behind the scenes to ensure that all work is done quickly and efficiently. Whenever needed, we partner with trusted marketing and SEO specialists, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, and other professionals from our wide extended network.

Our Story

Nina Interactive Old Logo

Nina Interactive started in 2008 and gained an LLC status in 2014, when we fully emerged as a small but powerful team fit to be called a “company.” Our values have always been quality, personal approach, and reliability. These values were represented in our original logo which depicted a character (Nina) working in any weather, rain or shine, to get the job done. The message of the logo was – and remains today – that we always work hard, no matter the circumstances.

Initially, we specialized in working as a development team for marketing and graphic design agencies. But as our business model evolved, as we grew and became more skilled and versatile, and as our client pool expanded, we discovered that we had a lot of value to offer to medical and dental practices and other businesses. Our clients come to us for professional web design, concierge service, and long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust.

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