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Keep Your Online Appointment Request Form Short

The longer the form, the more it makes people think. A long form is annoying and tedious to fill out. When you want people to take action on your website (make an appointment) you don’t want them to slow down, to think, to get annoyed. You want to make it as easy and quick for them as possible. Therefore:

a) Keep the appointment request form VERY short. My advice is to keep it to a bare minimum and only ask for information that’s necessary to contact the person. I usually do only Name and Phone for my clients. Only get the patient’s contact number, and let your staff handle the calling and talking to get the remaining information. Make it your staff’s job to get the information, not the patient’s.

b) Get rid of these annoying Captchas. People don’t care about the internal workings of your website, and they don’t need to be told that you suspect them of spamming. They shouldn’t have to endure deciphering these Captchas. Remember: if you want them to make an appointment, you should make it easy and quick. There are ways to handle spam detection internally (under the hood of your website and email) – ask your web person if in doubt.

So many dental websites have a form similar to the one on the right. Which form would you rather fill out – the one on the left or on the right?

Appointment Request Form Comparison

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