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Full-Service Marketing Agencies vs. Specialists

There was a thread on a dental forum seeing recommendations for a provider of web design and PPC (Google Ads) services. My advice is as follows:

Consider getting a couple of specialists who focus on each area. It’s very important for SEO, usability, and patient conversion that your website is well-built and customized for your practice, so the company needs to specialize in web design to do it well. Similarly, the company needs to specialize in PPC to provide you with a high-quality, effective PPC campaign. So I recommend getting a specialist for high quality web design and getting another specialist for PPC. That way you will get the best of both worlds with a much more customized, individualized service and likely for a better price.

If your web designer builds you a WordPress website that you own, you can simply give your PPC specialist access to the site, and they can go in and set up a landing page for their ad campaign. WordPress is the most popular web platform and most marketing professionals work with it. WordPress is also very versatile and secure.

For example, we specialize in dental web design, and if our clients need PPC, we recommend a specialist or they find a specialist on their own. That way, our clients get the best quality for each service and control their costs better.

Website design and PPC are two different areas of marketing, so if you go with a full-service, “jack of all trades” company that does it all, you may not get the best quality of each service, and you will not be able to itemize and control your costs because the costs are all going to be bundled up. Companies that bundle everything into one package usually provide automated, low-end service that is not going to be effective for you in the long term. Such bundled packages typically include low-quality websites built on generic templates with generic content, automated PPC management, and a bunch of other components, many of which you may not even need or should be included for free (but have to pay for them anyway). The website included in the package will typically be a rental website that you don’t own and that you will not be able to keep if you cancel your monthly contract. The company may export it for you if you cancel the contract, but you will likely get charged a transfer fee equal to the cost of your website, or you will get an exported website file stripped of most features. The high monthly fees that you will pay as part of your package will accumulate, and over 1-2 years you may find yourself paying more than what you would have paid had you purchased individual components.

It’s often more cost-effective to purchase individual components rather than a bundled package. Such open architecture setup will also allow you more flexibility. You can shop around for the best web designer and the best PPC specialist who offer the best prices and/or the best quality, and if you are not happy with one specialist you can replace them while keeping the other. You can create your own marketing strategy and add or remove features to your strategy as necessary. Things change over time, so if you have an open architecture setup, it will be easier for you to adjust on the fly. You cannot do that so easily if you get everything in a bundle from one company.


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