Good Content for Medical or Dental Websites

A website should have good, relevant content in order to look appealing to both readers and search engines. Good content causes people to visit the site, stick around on your website longer, read pages, and share it on social media. Search engine algorithms can detect that and may eventually reward your website with higher rankings. Obviously, something causes one page to rank higher than another, and it’s usually a combination of inbound links, social signals (likes, shares, tweets, comments), and good quality content. And since search engines can distinguish legitimately earned inbound links and social signals from bogus ones, and since legitimate inbound links and social signals are earned by having good content, ranking mostly comes down to content.

Examples of engaging, shareable content on a dental or medical practice website include:

  • Informative procedure pages
  • A blog
  • Research findings
  • Detailed case studies with before & after galleries
  • A Q&A section
  • Infographics illustrating procedures and treatment benefits
  • A “welcome” video from the doctor
  • An interactive office tour
  • Videos or animations describing procedures
  • Written or video testimonials from patients.

The list could go on. The key is to produce content people find useful and want to share. Your content should be not only great but also authentic (reflect the spirit and values of your practice), localized where applicable (so you sound like you belong to the area where you practice), and custom-written uniquely for your office (rather than reused from another website like many web design companies do).

Who Can Write Good Content

Good content is very specific to and informative about the treatments and services you offer, and no marketing firm knows the specifics of your services as well as you do. But many doctors clearly prefer to outsource content writing due to lack of time and writing skills. So rather than hiring an SEO firm to “manage your SEO,” it’s better to just get a solid, well-built and well-optimized website, get your online listings in order, collect Google reviews (which can also help with rankings), and at the same time, hire a copywriter (or content strategist) to develop good content for your website, social media, and any other marketing venues you may be pursuing. Just make sure that deep domain-specific knowledge about your procedures and services permeates the effort throughout.

A good copywriter or content strategist will work closely with your practice to write custom content for your website. Going forward, they might get in touch with you regularly, or as needed, to learn about anything new at your office, new technology you might have purchased, new services, new success stories, new questions patients ask. Based on that information, they would develop content such as blog posts, webpages, videos for your website and other marketing materials. They might also reach out to local websites such as news outlets, parenting magazines, or other websites that your potential patients read and promote your content through guest articles with a link back to your website. Such a content strategy helps both market your practice to your potential patients and build local inbound links for higher rankings.

Many clients use our copywriting services to write content for their websites; other clients prefer to write their own. If you have the time and skills, you can write the initial content to populate your new website and then additional content going forward. You can create new blog posts on your website in response to patients’ questions or add pages about new services, technology, or case studies. You can do a quick keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, or you can simply listen to what your patients frequently ask and create a website page or a blog post to address those questions. If patients ask something often, many more people search for it online, and this is where you have the opportunity to come up in search. Do patients ask about a payment plan for implants? Create a page based on “dental implant plan your city” keywords. You can create new content for your website regularly or occasionally when you have time, and if you would rather delegate some of the tasks, you can work with a copywriter who can share the workload and write as many or few pages of content as you need.

Contact Nina for tips and suggestions on how to write content for your website!

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