Lessons from Our Recent Migration Experience

Recently, we have migrated a medical website with lots of content from one platform to another. The migration experience was long, expensive and painful. Had the website been on the proper platform from the beginning, there would have been no need to migrate. The bottom line: if you want your practice website to last many years, if you want to maintain and grow your website rather than re-build it over and over from scratch, and if you want to avoid the expenses and pain of migration, then please build your website on the right platform from the beginning.

How to choose the right platform? Avoid platforms (and agencies that use those platforms) that can be hosted ONLY with one vendor. This includes agency-proprietary platforms as well as proprietary web builders such as Weebly, Wix, Webflow, Squarespace, GoDaddy and others that can be hosted only with one hosting company and cannot be migrated to another company. Rather, choose a platform that is open-source (non-proprietary) and can be hosted anywhere.

One such platform is WordPress.org, the most widely used content management system that’s also very reputable and secure. Most hosting providers on the market host WordPress. Get your own hosting plan and have a professional web designer build your website in WordPress and host it on your plan. That way you will not have to migrate your website or rebuild it every time you want to hire a new web designer. Your website will be residing on the hosting plan that you have purchased and you can continue working with any designer you choose out of a wide pool of WordPress designers to maintain and grow your website.

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