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Make It Easier for Patients to Leave Google Reviews

When you solicit Google reviews from patients, it’s best to send them a direct link to leave a review. Rather than searching for your practice name and trying to figure out where to go to type their review, your patients can easily and conveniently use the direct link. Remember: the easier it is to leave a review, the more likely your patients are to do it. You can make review collection easier for your team and your patients without having to invest in review management systems.

You can use this helpful online tool to generate a direct link for patients to leave Google reviews (your practice needs to have a listing on Google My Business for the tool to work). Scroll down to the field labeled “Enter your Business name in the search box below” and start typing your practice name. You may see a drop-down list of autocomplete suggestions. Select your practice from the suggested list and scroll down to the available options. There are two options: to generate a link to the review box where patients can add their review, or to generate a link to show the list of existing reviews for the practice.

Both options are useful. If your practice has mostly positive reviews, it may be a good idea to place a link on your website to direct patients to read other patients’ testimonials on Google. When you want to solicit Google reviews, you need to use the option to generate a direct link to the review box.

Under “Link to Review” scroll down to “Short URL” and click the “Copy Short Link” button. The direct link to the review box will be automatically generated and copied to your computer’s memory (clipboard) so your computer remembers the copied link.

You are done! You can now paste this link in your emails or texts that you send to patients to remind them to leave a review. You can also add the link to your website. When patients click the direct link, it should take them to our Google Business listing and automatically open a box where the patient can start typing her review. A direct link should make it much easier and quicker for your patients to leave reviews for your practice on Google, thus increasing your chances of collecting more reviews.

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