No, Your Marketing Company Does Not Need to Host or Rebuild Your Website

Update: Similarly to the hosting issue described below, your marketing company should not insist on rebuilding your website on their own platform. If you already have a good, professionally designed new WordPress website that you are happy with, keep it! It will last you many years. Your marketing company should be able to easily work with your WordPress website and improve upon it as necessary. Don’t waste money rebuilding your website on the company’s platform just because the company insists on that. You will get locked in to the company’s platform with no easy way out. If all you want are content or design updates or feature integrations, these can be implemented into your current WordPress website easily and cost-effectively. Rather than wasting money routinely rebuilding your website, invest into enhancing and improving your current WordPress website and find a marketing company that respects that. WordPress is the most popular platform so you can easily find a good marketing company that will agree to work with your current WordPress website.

One of our clients reached out to us with a problem. After we built his website and set up his web hosting with one of the leading hosting providers, he hired a renowned dental marketing company to do his marketing and SEO. The company he hired moved his website to their own servers for hosting. He eventually became dissatisfied with their service and decided to fire the company and move the website back to his old hosting that we initially recommended. Switching a website’s hosting back and forth is a hassle, waste of time and potential waste of money that, in this case, was completely unnecessary.

Your WordPress website can be hosted by any mass-market hosting provider. Hosting providers compete on price and quality, so you or your web designer can choose the best provider for your budget. Most hosting vendors provide routine technical maintenance to your website and server. Therefore, when you host your website with one of the mass-market hosting companies, you can get a quality hosting at an affordable price and have all the technical maintenance performed for you by the hosting company.

When you hire a marketing or SEO firm, they might ask for access to your website and server in order to do their work on the website. You can simply grant them access to your hosting account by either giving them your username and password or by sharing your account with them through user management tools that your hosting vendor might have available. That should be enough. There is absolutely no need to move your website to the marketing company’s own servers. SEO and marketing firms are perfectly capable of working with a website without having to host it.

The only reason why a company would insist on moving a website to their servers is so that they can charge you a monthly fee for hosting. The fees that web design/marketing companies charge for hosting are usually higher than mass-market hosting fees, because web design/marketing companies buy and resell hosting. So instead of paying a low monthly fee to a generic hosting company you or your web designer have chosen based on their quality, price or reputation, you will be paying a higher monthly fee to the marketing company for a hosting service that may be of a lower quality than you would have otherwise chosen on your own.

In addition to the higher fees, it will be a hassle to move the website to another hosting should you decide to stop working with your marketing company – just like it was for our client.

Bottom line: when you hire a marketing company, make sure that they don’t insist on moving your website to their own servers. In most cases, they have no need to do that.

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