Articles by Nina Litovsky

An On-site Marketing Coordinator

For an established and serious small business or a dental/medical practice, it can be very beneficial to hire a marketing coordinator for at least part time.

Why not sign up with a full-service marketing company?

I strongly advise against “putting all eggs in one basket” and have one company handle all your marketing work. I recommend diversifying – working with a few different providers for different services. For example, one firm should handle your web, SEO, and related online marketing. Another firm will handle direct mail. Hosting should be purchased from a hosting company – not from the same company that does your website.

That way, you are not stuck with one company, and you will not have to migrate or rebuild from scratch all your marketing assets if your relationship with that one company goes sour or if you are not satisfied with their service. If you have separate providers, you can pick and choose the best and most cost-effective ones for each service, and if something goes wrong in your relationship with one of the providers, you can find a substitute just for that one part of your marketing, while the other parts will not be affected. I strongly believe that diversification is more cost-effective and efficient, and makes you more robust.

If you hire a marketing coordinator, you will have someone on premises who knows your practice first-hand and who can advocate for your practice and handle all the marketing oversight (not just web, but internal marketing, direct mail, etc.), and who can coordinate work between several firms that work on separate parts of your marketing strategy. There will be less stress for you, and all the marketing work will progress more smoothly and efficiently. You will get the freedom to focus on your work, and your business or practice will benefit from marketing diversification.

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