Reviews from Patients Without a Google Account

Review collection is a very important marketing strategy for any dental or medical practice. The best places to collect reviews are the platforms that are the most popular and rank the best on search engines: Google and Facebook. Many people rely on these platforms to check reviews for a particular business. However, your patients need to have an account with these platforms in order to leave their reviews. This can be a concern: what if a patient doesn’t have a Google or Facebook account? Some of our clients ask if their website can have a functionality with a form that collects patient reviews and displays those reviews directly on the website.

Here is the solution that we offer instead.

We usually build a Testimonials page for clients. On that page, we add selected reviews from the client’s Google, Facebook or any other account that has reviews. If the client has any video testimonials, we add those as well. We also include links to the client’s social media and other review accounts where people can go to either leave a review or read more reviews. Here is a typical Testimonials page that we build:

Testimonials Page


It is indeed possible to create a form for people to leave reviews directly on your site, but that causes a few issues:

Spam. The more forms on the site, the greater the risk of spam. While we do install spam protection functionality on our sites, some spam may still come through. You don’t want spammy text to be displayed on your website.

Extra time and effort. You will probably need to manually review and approve each testimonial that people submit. One reason is to prevent spam as mentioned above. The other reason is that if someone leaves a very negative review, you may not want it to automatically display on your website. So each time a review is submitted on your site, it could take an extra effort and time for you to go in and approve it.

It’s best that your reviews are left and displayed on specialized review platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yelp or RateABiz rather than your website. Those review platforms have automated ways to filter out spam. Also, when someone searches for your practice on search engines, these platforms will show a rich snippet that includes stars and other summary information from reviews or ratings. Such snippets make your search results more visual and can compel the patient to click through to read more about your practice.

Rich Snippet of a RateABiz Search Result

We understand your concerns about patients who do not have a Google or Facebook account to leave a review. But other platforms such as RateABiz allow people to leave reviews without having an account – for example, on our client’s RateABiz page. When you click the Write a Review button on that page, the platform will let you leave a review without an account. RateABiz asks customers to confirm that they are indeed verified customers of the business – currently they request the person’s name and email – but they don’t require an account.

I therefore suggest that you open a RateABiz account in addition to Google and Facebook. I believe that will be a better solution than collecting reviews directly on your website. If you wish, we can embed a RateABiz widget on your Testimonials page and it will show live reviews collected by the platform – just like we did on our client’s website:

RateABiz Review Widget

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