Signs of a Generic Product: Timeframe Guarantees and Fixed Content Fees

Dentists or doctors sometimes show us proposals from other marketing companies to compare their services with ours. A striking feature of these proposals is that they all promise “fully custom” design and content, but at the same time do two things that negate such a claim: include the content in the fixed set-up fee and guarantee that the website will be launched in 4-5 weeks. This is a sure sign that you will not be getting custom design and content but rather a low-quality generic product that may be just slightly customized.

It’s impossible to produce fully custom, high quality website design (like the one we do) within a fixed timeframe of 5 weeks. Truly custom design process involves working with each client on an individual basis to create a 100% custom website, so timelines will vary depending on the features within your website, the amount of revisions you may request, and the speed with which materials for the website are collected and provided. Your feedback and participation is essential as progress is built around your approval. The process may take a couple of months, though timelines can vary depending on the client. Custom design is always a very personalized process, and it cannot be predicted upfront exactly how long it will take. It’s only possible to guarantee a fixed quick turnaround if your product is a mass-produced pre-made generic website template, which is greatly inferior to custom design in quality and which can cause issues in the future. Here is why you need a fully custom-designed website rather than a mass-produced generic template.

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Similarly, the cost of truly custom content (like the one we provide) is measured by the volume required for each particular project. Custom content writing is usually charged on a per-page basis. If you look at a marketing company proposal and see that the content is billed at a flat fee or included in the fixed website set-up fee, that means that you will get generic boilerplate content that the company has in stock and probably reuses across all their client websites like many dental and medical marketing companies do. Such generic content not only doesn’t convert readers into patients but can also cause SEO issues. Even if duplicate content is not currently a negative factor that can directly affect your search rankings, it’s not a favorable ranking factor either. In any case, if you invest in a good website, you deserve to have content that is written uniquely for you, that is authentic to your practice, that appeals personally to your patients and highlights your specific values.

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Beware of inclusive fees and turnaround guarantees that look good on paper but may leave you with a subpar product. If you are ready to invest in a custom website, you don’t want to be promised one but end up with a slightly customized version of a generic template that looks and says exactly the same thing as other medical or dental websites. In order for your website to look professional, appealing, clean and well-organized, to perform well and to be truly custom-tailored to your needs and tastes, you should aim to have high-quality custom design and custom-written content, and you should know that such services never come in one size that fits all.

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