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Why Using Stock Themes is a Bad Idea

If you are serious about your marketing strategy and if you envision growing your business or your medical practice, then you should have a custom website. Generic stock templates may seem like a quick fix, but in the long term they just don’t cut it for three reasons:

Templates are very limited

As you grow your business or your practice, you will likely feel the need to expand your website to include more features and more content, and you will outgrow your template very soon. And, trying to customize a template is a very inefficient approach. You can try to hack the code yourself if you think you know how, but you probably have a better use for your valuable time. You can hire a web developer to customize a stock template, but any truly professional web developer will tell you that it’s more efficient to build a site from scratch than try to hack some third-party template code. Besides, I’ve seen some designers charge the same or more for a template site than others would charge for a custom site. So template vs. custom is not a matter of price. I’d suggest starting with a simple, inexpensive custom website and gradually build it up, rather than to poke around with templates and waste time.

Templates may have hidden problems that incur hidden costs; support may be unreliable

A template may look sleek and flashy on a demo page, but when you download it and try to adapt it to your own content, you may find that it’s poorly coded and requires additional work to correct problems. You may try to contact template developers, but their support is not guaranteed. Be very careful when you send them your website access information. Most of them are not based in the USA and to top it off they are not very reliable and trustworthy.

The most popular justification for using stock templates is their seemingly low cost, but it often ends up cheaper to build a simple custom website than to do the time-consuming work of fixing bugs and inefficiencies of your stock theme – remember, that repair work adds up to your valuable time or to your developer’s charges.

Every serious marketing strategy is custom

Just like cookie-cutter marketing strategies don’t work, in the same way generic, cookie cutter website templates don’t work. Your website must be designed in accordance with your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be custom, and so should be your website.

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