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Using Humor in Your Website

Have you ever thought of using humor as a business tool? Too many dental websites look generic and bland and have dry, long, boring text that people probably don’t read or don’t enjoy reading. How about sprinkling your content, and your website design, with some humor?

People have many worries when they come to your site: fear of pain, worry about expenses. If your website shows off your friendly, welcoming, light-hearted personality, your website is more likely to stand out and people are more likely to remember you. Humor makes you a better communicator and helps you alleviate some of your patients’ worries. You don’t have to take yourself too seriously. Don’t be afraid of using humor. If anything, humor sells and makes you memorable.

Here is a nice article with some ideas about using humor in your content.

Some dentists make humorous videos of themselves, and it’s a great idea. But, you can go even further and have an artist draw a cartoon for you. You can use cartoons or illustrations as your design elements or as part of your content, such as images or even animated shorts. This can work especially well if you are a pediatric practice, but many adult patients will like it too. Cartoons and illustrations give a healthy dose of humor and that charming handmade feeling to your website. In fact, we are offering cartoons and animated shorts, in partnership with an artist, as part of our service to some clients.

Cartoons are often used even by big serious companies to communicate complex technology. Why not use them to communicate procedures? Here’s an animated cartoon done by a business partner and friend of mine for Draper Labs. If Draper does it, you can, too!

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