Web Design Company Black Hat Tactics: Hidden Pages

While working on a redesign of an orthopedic surgeon’s website, I have discovered something outrageous. The client’s old website has a hidden page that was apparently created by their old web design company, YPO. The page, titled “YPO Showcase” (see the screenshot below) is hidden from the site’s navigation, so apparently it was created to be seen by search engines, not human visitors. The page has a very long list of medical websites designed by YPO, with screenshots and links to those websites. It certainly does not benefit our orthopedic surgeon when his website has a hidden page with links to websites of other surgeons and doctors. It may even hurt his marketing and SEO. I am confident that the page was created by YPO solely to boost their own search engine performance.

Thankfully, we are redesigning the website so the page will be deleted, but how many other doctors don’t know that such pages are hidden on their websites? How many other web design companies use their unsuspecting clients’ websites to benefit their own SEO while potentially hurting their client’s SEO in the process?

It’s sad when a web design company creates hidden pages on their clients’ websites in an effort to boost their own SEO at their clients’ expense. That is why it’s important to choose an ETHICAL web design company that will work SOLELY in your best interest.

A hidden page created by a web design company to benefit their SEO

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