Articles by Nina Litovsky

Website Photography Tips

While working with dental websites, I see many photos of dentists with their arms crossed. When you are posing for a photo with your arms crossed, you don’t send a warm, welcoming message. Rather, you look insecure and appear to be blocking people out. You want to look friendly and approachable, so next time you pose for a photo shoot, I recommend that you avoid crossing your arms.

Also, in case you need to edit your website and insert a photo of you or your team member in the content: as a rule, never put your image facing outward from your page. Images, especially faces and eyes, should be looking towards the center of your page, to help guide the visual direction of your viewers towards your content.

I recommend avoiding stock photos in your website. It’s best to hire a photographer to do custom photos of your practice, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, take smartphone photos. Even amateur photos of your practice are better than generic, impersonal photos of smiling people that we so often see on dental websites. Stock photos are fine only for backgrounds. Alternatively, try something more unique and with a personal touch: illustrations.

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