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WordPress Redesign and Hosting

Here is a word of advice to dentists and doctors looking to redesign their existing WordPress websites. Some companies will work with you ONLY if they get to host your website on their own WordPress hosting. If you already have a WordPress website on a hosting plan to which you have subscribed (e.g GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.) then I suggest that you look for a designer who will keep your website on your existing hosting plan.

Why does it matter? I will speak in general terms, not about specific company, but often the reasons are the following:

  • The web company’s hosting may be way overpriced. You may pay them for hosting a lot more than you pay to a general hosting company (such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Media Temple) while the quality and features will be the same or worse.
  • If you migrate to the web company’s own WordPress hosting, then your existing hosting company will likely not refund the money that you’ve already prepaid them for hosting. I know, for example, that GoDaddy doesn’t refund the money if you cancel after initial 30 days or so. If you have prepaid for hosting for the next number of years, you may lose that money. It may not be much to some – several hundred dollars – but why lose money unnecessarily?
  • Hosting your website on a web company’s own WordPress hosting may create unnecessary risks. You depend on them. If you ever decide to switch a web company, your website may be held hostage and if they are unprofessional, they may not respond to help you migrate your website away from them to another hosting. This is an unnecessary risk.

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