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Top Reasons to Work With Us

We do the same top-notch work that larger, fancier agencies do – only we do it cheaper and, in many cases, better. Here are some unique values that set us apart:

Custom Design Is Best for Conversions

Many web companies produce sloppily designed, cookie-cutter websites. Canned, non-specific designs will not evoke the emotion you need to drive your business – especially now when it’s getting more difficult to capture attention and engagement. It is critical that your website be easy to use, present your values, and impress visitors. If it doesn’t, they won’t call. We work with discriminating clients who understand that a professionally designed website is a valuable asset. We never use pre-made website templates. As an experienced artist with a strong design sense, Nina will create a completely original website that reflects your practice appearance, office culture, and personal philosophy.

Lower Prices

Our firm runs lean, foregoing a physical office space and leveraging the skills of a small team of experts. Thanks to efficient process and minimal overhead, our websites come with a smaller price tag than do comparable websites from many other agencies.

Save Money on Hosting

Many companies offering medical and dental-specific web design host your website on their own servers and build your website on their own platform. Hosting fees can run high – $75 or more per month, and you cannot pick another vendor. By contrast, we design our websites in WordPress, a nonproprietary platform which is more cost-effective to maintain and a lot cheaper to host. Hosting fees for WordPress run as low as $15-25 per month with a high-quality hosting provider. Almost any hosting company can host WordPress, so you will have many options to choose from.

No Monthly Fees

If a marketing company builds and hosts your website on their proprietary platform, they effectively lock you into monthly payments that are significantly higher than the going market prices for comparable website hosting services. Not only would you pay inflated fees, you would also pay them on a regular monthly basis – whether you need the company’s support that month or not. By contrast, when you build a website with Nina Interactive, we will not charge you any monthly fees. The small fee paid to a hosting provider is the only monthly website maintenance fee you will need to pay.

No Vendor Lock-in

If your website is hosted by your marketing agency on their proprietary platform, do you know that you will have to rebuild your site if you decide to switch your vendor in the future? Many dentists find themselves bound to their website developers for as long as the websites are on their platform. While vendor lock-in is certainly lucrative for the web agency, we do not believe that it is in your best interest. Even though we warmly welcome repeat customers, we want you to have a choice. Going forward, almost any web designer can maintain a website built by Nina Interactive. Rather than selling you a platform, we work hard to earn your repeat business with our great service and high-quality work.

High-Quality Reliable Service

Some dentists who hire freelance web designers later discover that their freelancers disappear and stop responding to questions and support requests – mainly because many freelancers do not take their commitments seriously. On the other hand, large-scale “marketing mills” tend to mass-produce, because they need to work with as many clients as possible to cover their overhead and turn a profit. In both cases, quality of service suffers. As a small firm dedicated fully to our business, we hit the sweet spot: we offer both exceptionally reliable service and top-notch, artisanal quality of our work. Unlike large agencies that retain clients by locking them into their platforms, we rely solely on the quality of our work to drive our business, so we do our best to cater to your needs and exceed your expectations.

Unmatched Personal Attention

Larger agencies usually assign an account manager to each client, and account managers may change frequently. Keeping track of who is coming and going can make it difficult to maintain a trustful working relationship with the company. When you work with Nina Interactive, you can expect a higher level of personalized service, because you will work directly with the firm owner who is personally interested in your business and has a strong incentive to produce quality work for you.

Save Money and Time on Website Maintenance

We understand that in the future you will want to update website content or add functionality, so we think forward. Our website building process is aimed at saving your time and reducing your website management costs. Our choice of WordPress as a simple platform will allow you to easily update your website and add content. It will be as simple as filling out forms! Of course, we are always around if you want our help. But, just like you teach your patients prevention so they don’t have to constantly come back to you for treatment, we work hard to minimize your dependency on ongoing website support. We automate and streamline many content updating tasks, and we provide written easy-to-follow instructions for your future reference.

Research-Based Design

We have extensive experience with dental website design. We know what your site visitors want to see and hear, because we learn from our own testing, from patients’ online behavior, and from world-class usability research. Our websites are pleasing visually, but they are pleasing with a purpose: to maximize conversions. For example, on our websites you will see the contact information at the top of the page and the marketable attributes of our clients’ practices front and center on the home page. Why do we do it this way? Because studies show that this is the best way to sell your value to prospective patients and streamline appointment scheduling. Our websites are effective because all our design decisions are driven by statistical testing and industry best practices.

Working in Your Best Interest

Our clients rely on us to give them objective advice and honest opinion, and your trust if very important to us. When we recommend a third-party vendor, service, software product, or hosting provider, you can be assured that our recommendations are always made in good conscience and solely for your benefit. Unlike some other agencies that participate in affiliate programs (and don’t always disclose it), we never take commission or referral bonuses from anyone. When you work with Nina Interactive, you can trust that we will always give you unbiased advice and have only your best interest in mind. This is our pledge to you.

We are a Domestic Firm

All our websites are crafted, with love and care, in Sarasota, Florida.

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